Unlock Inclusion. Unleash Potential.

1 Million Inclusion Champions

We are on a mission. To bring unprecedented awareness on the value of inclusion. To transform at least 1 Million professionals into inclusion champions. Who will then build inclusive organizations and societies.

A key feature of workplaces today, due to shifting global dynamics, is the diversity that exists: demographically, culturally, racially… Diversity is no more a choice. It is a necessity. Multiple studies have corroborated the business value of diversity.

Unfortunately diversity by itself is not a positive force. The value of diversity is harnessed only when a culture of inclusion exists.

We partner with organizations to build or enhance this culture of inclusion.

As microcosms of society we believe that organizations have a great opportunity to influence large populations. We see our work with organizations as a step towards creating inclusive societies and ultimately an inclusive world.

And, towards that vision, we’ve set ourselves an ambitious mission of transforming at least 1 Million professionals into Inclusion champions, who will then build inclusive societies.

Our Conviction

  • Inclusion plays a key role in the rapid growth of an organization
  • Leaders can generate superior results with inclusion embedded into the DNA of their organization
  • Employees and Teams perform better when respectfulness and inclusion are woven into the fabric of an organization
  • Organizations, as microcosms of society, are best equipped to be harbingers of an inclusive world

The Inclusion Journey from Self-to-Society

Our interventions work at four levels beginning from self-to-society that aim to catalyze this transformation. Inclusion, we are convinced, is an inside-out transformation journey.

We focus on changing mindsets & behaviors at the individual level by creating an awareness of and an appreciation of differences at the workplace. At the team & Manager level, our focus is on equipping inclusion competencies to resolve conflicts and use the existing diversity in the workplace to fuel creativity and innovation. At the organization level, our focus is on helping set up policies and processes that enable all diversity to thrive and perform exceptionally.

Intervention Approach

Impact-oriented and measurable

Custom created for each business

Head, Heart, Hands framework

Human-centric & business focussed

Face-to-face, offline and virtual

Scientific and data-driven

Are your employees and partners all set for the inclusion journey?