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Gender Resources

Women’s Path to Leadership in Tech

Getting to the top in technology is tough—and it’s especially tough for women. They often face hurdles to becoming senior leaders. BCG and the Women’s Forum (Women4STEM Daring Circle) developed a picture of the work environment for women in tech. The report provides recommendations for senior leaders, line managers, HR and DEI managers as well as for women

8 Powerful Ways Managers Can Support Equality

How Women Can Identify Male Allies in the Workplace

Gender equality starts at home: Seven tips for raising feminist kids

It's a mystery: Women in India drop out of the workforce even as the economy grows

As India gets richer, Indian women are healthier, more educated – yet unemployed. Economists cite six factors that may help explain this economic mystery: Prosperity, education, social norms, safety concerns, problems with statistical measurement and a lack of decent and productive employment.

Men as bread sharer and not bread winner

A new study suggests that while some men still fall back on the classic identity of a breadwinner, others adopt a modern identity of a “breadsharer.”

LGBTQ+ Resources

What does being LGBTQ+ in the workplace look like today?

LGBTQ+ voices: Learning from lived experiences

A New LGBTQ Workforce Has Arrived—Inclusive Cultures Must Follow

Here Are 4 Ways Companies Can Make Workplaces More LGBTQ Inclusive

Being allies for LGBTQIA++ at the workplace

Inclusive Leadership Resources

Research: Where Employees Think Companies’ DEIB Efforts Are Failing

According to a recent Gallup survey, While 84% of CHROs say their organizations are increasing investment in DEIB, only 31% of employees say their organization is committed to improving racial justice or equity in their workplace. To make progress, leaders must understand employees’ core DEIB needs — and where alignment is lacking. This article outlines 10 needs employees say are not being met, and offers strategies to help organizations address the disconnect.

Exploring tech-enabled DEI solutions

The article talks about CIO’s role in helping drive diversity, equity, and inclusion outcomes Leaders can harness the power of tech-enabled solutions and data to enable successful diversity, equity, and inclusion outcomes.

Neurodiversity in the workplace: An untapped superpower

Understanding how neurodiverse employees operate in the workplace can help companies thrive.

How the Best Bosses Interrupt Bias on Their Teams

Everyday actions of inclusion

POSH Resources

How can organizations recognize and redress sexual harassment at workplace

Why workplace sexual harassment is about power

Revisiting POSH Act to make it equitable for all persons

Fast forwarding to post-pandemic 2022, workplaces are different and fluid. This has brought forth many intersectionalities which merit attention. The law in its current form, therefore, may prove to be discriminatory and contradictory to the fundamental rights that underpin the spirit behind this law.

4 Conversations Leaders in the #MeToo Era Should Be Ready For

Multi-Generation Resources

Blurred Lines In A Multigenerational, Hybrid Workforce

The postgenerational workforce From millennials to perennials

How generational stereotypes hold us back at work

Generation Z, the Future Workforce (Trend Brief)

Generation Z is entering the workforce and will soon account for over a third of the global population. Organizations that understand Gen Z and their drive and motivation will be well-positioned to ensure their successful inclusion within multi-generational workplaces and reap the benefits they bring to the workforce.

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