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How do you form and train your ICC?

Coverage on how a recent panel discussion by Parity Consulting explained how a few corporates have gone about these two processes.

How can organizations recognize and redress sexual harassment at workplace

An Article by Kalpana Tatavarti, Founder at Parity Consulting

Sexual harassment at workplace finds new outlets on social media

Coverage of Parity Consulting’s c0-authored report on Sexual Harassment Toolkit on Best Practices.

Drivers, conductors get lessons on gender sensitization

See how Parity and partners are training BMTC staff to treat passengers, particularly women and the elderly, with respect and patience.

Your dinner conversations with family can change society- Kalpana Tatavarti

An Article by Kalpana Tatavarti, Founder at Parity Consulting

How are organisations mandated to deal with sexual harassment?

Interview of Kalpana Tatavarti, Founder at Parity Consulting.

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