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WoMentors 9 to 5, 2019

An intensive leadership development program from Parity Consulting


Jyothsna Hirode

Parity Consulting

It is well researched that there is not one single policy or program, or even a couple of them that can move the needle distinctly on women leadership. Like any other transformational change, it takes the proverbial village to accomplish it and everyone in the village to participate in it.

As a boutique consulting firm in the D&I space, Parity has been in the forefront to partner with forward looking organizations in creating a balanced and diverse workforce through inclusive programs, processes and practices. While we are convinced that policies and processes that provide enabling eco systems are critical for building a gender balanced workforce, we have also believed in the need for women’s leadership programs.

Organizations that provide fast track programs for women leaders create a robust women leadership pipeline and thus move toward a gender balanced leadership. And we address the unique needs of women professionals at various critical junctures in their leadership journey via our palette of programs for women.

One such program open to women leaders from a range of organizations & industries is WoMentors 9 to 5, 2019, a program that transforms talented women into impactful leaders. Spanning a journey of 6-8 months from kickoff to closure, with multiple touchpoints, the program pivots around a holistic set of high touch interventions. It offers occasions for self-reflection, opportunities to learn from expert facilitators and role model women leaders; exclusive conversations with CXO level mentors to bounce off strategies and ideas for professional growth. Participants can opt to have focused sessions with experienced and certified coaches for developing specific skills. The cohort will form a supportive group for sharing experiences and peer learning.

1. Assessment through EQ-I 2.0 – Assessment will be part of the pre-work to the kickoff session, when a certified expert will guide participants to read their report, and plan based on the outcomes

2. CXO Mentoring – A panel of exclusive mentors from across industries and sectors who bring a wealth of experience and expertise will provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity to the participants. Each participant will be paired with two mentors for one-on-one mentoring over the period of the program

3. Learning workshops on leadership topics – Topics for the workshops have been curated based on the profile of women – strategic business-related and specific ones to benefit senior women in the workplace. Learning would be facilitated by experts, involve a combination of self-reflection, collaborative group work and learning from the experience of inspirational women leaders

4. Optional coaching – Based on the outcome of the assessment and perhaps discussions with the mentors, participants may opt for coaching, if desired. This will address short term objectives of building specific skills

5. Peer learning – An exclusive social platform will be deployed for sharing experiences, as a space for the cohort through the program, but could evolve into a support system beyond that too

WoMentors 9 to 5 caters to women who are 2-4 years away from senior executive roles. The program is designed keeping in mind the organizational labyrinth that they need to negotiate as they prepare to take their place at the table as fast trackers to CXO roles.

To know more about WoMentors 9 to 5, how you can nominate a participant or how your organization can engage, write to me at jyothsna@parityconsulting.in or call me at +91 99720 22404.

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