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The Allyship Journey- Where are you in the allyship continuum?

Empowering girls and women needs engaging boys and men

Structural sexism, over the years has led to conscious and unconscious male privilege at Indian workplaces. Research at the University of Kent, published by GR de Mourza, shows that “By not fully recognizing leadership potential in female candidates, organizations are inhibiting the prospects of half their talent.”

Unfortunately, most conversations around equity for women, end up being women talking to women. Prof Kimmel, author and distinguished professor of sociology and gender studies at New York’s Stony Brook University, who has spent his career studying men and masculinity, says the absence of men in gender discussions is a problem.

“We cannot fully empower women and girls without engaging boys and men. We know this to be true. The question is then, how do we get men engaged in this conversation?”, asks Kimmel.

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Women and We Men 


There are, today, some ambitious women being encouraged and supported by male Allies – who recognize the importance and benefits of progressing women at workplaces. Business cases show companies that are more gender equal have a high rate of return on investment, higher profitability, lower labour costs, lower turnover, higher job satisfaction and lower levels of absenteeism.

This International Women’s Day, Parity launches Women and We Men – a celebration of a tribe of champions growing and succeeding together. A year long series of initiatives, this program will showcase male Allies and Advocates who embody the Head, Heart and Hands principle of action – knowing that equity for women is beneficial, feeling that lack of equity is a challenge and stepping up/speaking out to tackle systems and mindsets that are oblivious to male privilege.

As GR de Mourza stated “It could be that women are implicitly required to show greater evidence of competence to overcome stereotypically negative performance expectations, particularly in male gender-typed job domains”

Our champions address this imbalance in their personal and professional lives.

Amplify Your Voice - Parity Consulting

Conversation With

Vijaykrishnan Venkatesan

MD, Kennametal India

Conversation with

Alokita Jha,

CFA, Head of Investment Fund Analysts, Fidelity International


At Parity, we are convinced that it is imperative for men to be committed to gender parity and play the role of Advocates in both their personal and professional life spaces. This, we believe, will fast track the gender parity agenda in our country.

In this video, Vijaykrishnan Venkatesan – MD, Kennametal India talks to Kalpana Tatavarti – Founder, Parity Consulting about his experiences as a leader, father of a daughter and one half of a dual career couple. He shares some decisions he has taken, what he has learnt along the way and how he navigates this space as a committed Ally and Advocate.

Continuing our conversations in the Women and We Men series, we are excited to bring some inspiring stories around allyship. Strong allies in some organizations have fostered an environment where we can speak our minds and bring new ideas to the table.

In this video Alokita Jha, CFA,  Head, Investment Fund Analysts, Fidelity International, shares her experiences on what allyship means to her, how an ally played a crucial factor in her career growth, and how organizations could create a culture of allyship.

Claim Your Space

Only the privileged few can be heard. Only the privileged few have a platform. Whether in our homes or offices, the living room or the board room – even in the supposedly open world of the internet, the minorities lack a voice. 

This International Women’s Day, Parity is opening its platform to showcase ambitious women and their male Allies – people who believe in equitable opportunities, balanced voices.

Amplify Your Voice - Parity Consulting