Sairam Vepakomma

Sairam Vepakomma

Born and brought up in the IT Training industry, Sairam has 30+ years of experience in building skills at various levels including campus recruits, executives, trainers, etc..

He worked in almost all roles given a typical organization. Sairam left Wipro Ltd (a global India-based IT Services organization) after spending 14 years. He spent several years designing, developing and delivering skill development programs as senior behavioral facilitator.

His special focus included facilitation on POSH sensitization, women empowerment and inclusivity programs. He was handpicked as a member an IC member. Conducted tough investigations when conciliations failed, where some of respondents even quoted law, bringing the offender to book and passed orders to organization. 

Most challenging aspects in the role was encouraging women to gain confidence and come out and sustain tempo till the recourse is attained, in validating the case to nab false claims, collect all possible evidences from internal and external sources, sustain interest of witnesses, and maintain neutrality throughout the proceedings being a non-legal authority. Another challenge Sairam dealt was to understand the extent of outrage of women’s modesty that can aid in identifying the quantum of corrective punishment. Ensured recording and filing all proceedings of cases on online tool. 

He spent most of the time majorly covered skill-scape comprising customer centricity, professional communication, corporate etiquettes, diversity/ inclusivity, PSH, team building, collaboration, IT consulting, negotiation, networking and influencing, presentation, interpersonal relationships, professional attitude, experiential learning and outbound learning and women empowerment. Sairam currently lives in Bengaluru – India.